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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is the best way to get started? 


A:  We encourage you to book your first class online as class size is limited, just follow the link here, or book a private training appointment here.  We offer two intro specials;  First Class Special which is $20 and includes hand wraps, or Intro Special, which includes two personal training sessions, unlimited access to classes for 14 days from  your first visit, gloves and wraps for $199.  If you would like a free consultation to find out the best program for you, just give us a call.

Q:  What if I have never done any boxing or kickboxing before?

A:  Great, we welcome beginners.  Everybody has to start somewhere.  All of our classes are beginner friendly.  The Intro special is a great start if you would feel more comfortable starting with some one on one training.

Q:  Do you offer Kickboxing classes?   

A:  We have two kickboxing classes in the evening, Monday and Wednesday at 6:15pm.  And one on Saturday at 9am.  All of our circuit classes are kickboxing friendly.

Q:  What equipment will I need?  

A:  You will need hand wraps and boxing gloves. Hand wraps come with the first class special, or can be purchased at the gym for $20.  You may borrow gloves for your first visit only.  After that you must have your own gloves.  Leather SCB gloves can be purchased at the gym for $60.

Q:  What should I wear?  

A:  Whatever you feel comfortable working out in.  No street shoes on the mat please.  You may wear indoor shoes, socks or bare feet.

Q:  What if I want to compete?  Do you offer sparring, or open gym?

A:  We have sparring the first Saturday of the month.  Members only.  The matches are set up by the instructor and all safety measure are unforced.

We are affiliated with USA Boxing and IKF for amateur competition.


Q:  Do you have kids classes?

A:  We currently do not have kids classes, however kids ages 15 and up may come to any of the adult classes. For kids 8 years old and up we offer one on one training and work shops.

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