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With influences in Muay Thai, American  Kickboxing, Karate and Kung Fu, this class will give you a complete foundation for your stand up game.  Jump rope, shadow boxing, bag  and partner drills make up this action packed class.

If learning the fundamentals of Kickboxing and getting an incredible work out are you goals, this class is for you.

All levels welcome.

Kickboxing Ciruit

kb circuit

Build your strength, endurance and skills in this action packed class.  After a dynamic warm up, we hit the bags for combination drills to hone your skills, then we will go to the floor and preform a circuit using; body weight exercises, plyomentrics and medicine ball drills to get you in top performance shape.

If learning Kickboxing and getting fit is your goal, this class is for you.


There is no contact in any of the Kickboxing Circuit classes.  

All levels welcome.

Women's Kickboxing

Womens KB

This circuit style class combines high intensity kickboxing and body weight exercises to maximize results in a non-intimidating environment, so women of all levels can change their lives using this supportive and encouraging program.

We are currently running a six week challenge, but drop in's are welcome.

There is no contact in this class.

All levels welcome.

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